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The Leading Independent Publisher of Promotional Hardcover Reprints in the United States

For more than 25 years, MJF Books has specialized in national promotions of outstanding books at affordable in-store prices, designed to be purchased on impulse. We have worked with hundreds of publishers large and small, generating significant subsidiary rights income for them.

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MJF Books Reprint Program

MJF Books is a leader in extending the life of a book beyond the traditional hardcover, trade paperback, and mass-market formats. We pioneered the hardcover reprint as a promotional “fourth format” for books sold in-store — a format that can create renewed interest in a title and provide substantial subsidiary rights revenue for its publisher.


Unique National Promotions

Titles in our program are merchandised in high-impact displays in bookstores throughout the United States. This creates new demand from consumers at the point of sale by attracting impulse buyers — browsers who discover the books by chance and otherwise would not have sought out the title for purchase. Some of our titles have been national bestsellers in their trade editions, but some are new to the U.S. market or have been largely overlooked by the wider world of book lovers because of problems of price, presentation, or timing. Our hardcover reprint editions help such titles find an audience and expand the market for the work.  In some cases, our editions even have a halo effect on trade sales by bringing renewed interest to the title in all formats. 


High-Volume Sales

MJF Books titles are often chosen for seasonal promotions that yield high-volume sales in a short period, such as New Year, New You; Mother’s Day; Father’s Day; Christmas stocking stuffers; and many others.



While we editorially review thousands of titles in all nonfiction subject categories for inclusion in our program, our experience indicates strong on-going demand for Self-Help, Business, History, and Reference. 


MJF Books is an imprint of Fine Creative Media, Inc. (doing business as Fine Communications), founded in New York City in 1991. Fine Creative Media, Inc., is also the publisher of the Barnes & Noble Classics, produced in conjunction with Barnes & Noble.

What Our Publishing Partners Are Saying

“We have worked with MJF Books for more than two decades, reintroducing slower-moving backlist titles to a completely new audience that we wouldnʼ​t have reached otherwise. This relationship has generated significant six-figure revenue for our authors and our company.” 

—  Munro Magruder

Associate Publisher, New World Library



Publishers interested in our hardcover reprint program, please contact us at

MJF Books / Fine Creative Media, Inc.

325 W. 38th Street, Room 605

New York, NY 10018

TEL: 212-595-3500 

Book Fairs

MJF Books participates in the London Book Fair, Book Expo America, and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

To request a meeting, publishers should email us at



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